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Anonymous asked:
When I was younger I used to think I had a hormone imbalance, that I had girl parts but I actually had the hormones and characteristics of a guy.

I think so too. I used to worry that i had the narrative of “i’m not like other girls” because its so misogynistic and wrong until it clicked that what i meant was that i was not a girl at all. 
If i took those silly “do you think like a boy or a girl” quizzes, i’d get boy and think it was so obvious.
Gender is a strange thing for sure. 

~ tw mild talk of anatomy and dysphoria.



Have any other trans people wondered if they are intersex in the past or in any way?

I have always thought that i’ve been male but that i have secondary female sex characteristics accidentally.
That one day people would realise the big mistake and everyone will notice how obvious it has been…

Unless I am remembering things all sorts of wrong, some people do conceptualize being trans as an intersex condition/ people are beginning to theorize it as such. But either way, everyone has the tiniest baby understanding of how being trans happens and works.

On a more personal note, I feel very little connection to the idea that the toys I played with or the clothes I chose to wear either made me a boy or gave me legitimacy as one. The more I physically appear male the more I connect with my “feminine” interests. The more I think: I could have happily been a lesbian aside from that whole dysphoria shit. I don’t even know how long it would have taken me to realize I was trans were it not for my ability to get hormones through informed consent and be like ah hell yeah, my body is finally doing what it was supposed to do. Meaning my gender I guess is in my brain but it mostly feels like it is in my body.

yes! this!! The more sure i am that i am male the less shame i feel for loving femme things, because i know now that they are not linked.
When people have said to me “oh but you’re so girly” or “but you are not a tomboy!” it reminds me that so often people think trans men are still just butch or masculine women that want to rid themselves of femininity when you can be a masculine woman and love being a woman or a femme afab man and dislike your anatomy. 

and nothing compairs to finally going through the hormone changes you needed. every body hair or voice drop day is a blessing to me and i feel like someone is giving me more chance to live a fulfilling life. 




These are all so beautiful and functional. 

ah yes, i see the bedroom fandom is growing.  


I screamed at the first one

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